Nov 6, 2010

Giving Thanks #6 has its good and not so good sides but overall in my life it has been a good thing. When I first started to draft this blog post I had pictures of all the tech things that had made my life easier or "better" but the page quickly filled up with too many pics. So I will just add links as I share why I am thankful for them.

I will start off first with just the basic old computer. I bought my first one with the help of my granddad as I was working on my masters and it had the good old squawking of the dial up modem. But the combination of those two things made my graduate life a little easier and as I progressed from the masters to the doctorate, saved me time and many miles on my vehicles.

I also am thankful for the iPod Touch, that helps me stay organized and in touch with friends, cell phones and the Internet that also help me stay up to date with friends and family, let me post this blog and sit on my butt while my child naps. I am thankful for Netflix and Roku that allow me to more judiciously monitor what my child watches and am not at the whim of the Networks for scheduling. Also for digital cameras that allow me to document many events in our family's lives and share them with family far away. Here are more I can think of but will not bore you with the details Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Amazon,  the KindleNook  and Lose It apps, and WOOT. These are in my life everyday and though I could live without them, I am thankful that I do have them.          

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