Nov 17, 2010

Giving Thanks #17

Today is a shout out and thanks to my technical guru Daryll. Hey Daryll if you are reading this you are the BEST!.

See I meet Daryll while working in the Granbury ISD system. I was a diagnostician at the high school and he was the tech guy. We hit it off and soon a great friendship developed. Daryll has taught me lots of computer things and to this day will take my "help desk" calls when I am in a pinch or need some guidance.

This is what happened today when I was upgrading my CPU. Sure enough I got into a spot when I need some help and there he was on the other end of the line. And by my typing this blog post is evidence that his help was right on!!! Thanks again to the Greatest Tech Guy around!

All the cords, GEESH!

Opened up and ready for upgrade

Successful removal of heatsink
New CPU and thermal grease ready

Houston, we have touchdown

Heatsink replace and ready to closer up doc...

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