Nov 12, 2010

Giving Thanks #12

Today is a carry over from Wednesday's post. Yesterday I found a place where I could sit and watch the classroom without being noticed for a little while. I am so thankful to have a son with such a great imagination.

Every morning when he gets up he ask,"What are we doing today, Mommy?" and if I don't give him the answer he is looking for then he makes up his own day of what he wants to do, so cute. And as the day progress and he is playing or we are driving in the car he will tell me stories of things "he did" or wants to do. Most of these are made up of bits and piece of books we read but he is starting to add his own little flair to them. I could regal you with some of these stories but of course most of them are "you had to be there" type of stories to get the full cuteness of them. The one I will tell you about which happens just about every day is when my in-laws come over for supper and my father in law ask JN "What did you do today?" to which my son starts his reply with every time, "Well, Papa" and then proceed to weave a schedule of events that are no where near accurate of the real day but we all laugh at his imagination. It has become a game with he and his Papa and that is something to be very thankful for.

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