Oct 7, 2010

My Deal for the Day!

I am always in search for a good deal. I always carry coupons with me, I get several emails from daily deal sights and sign up for anything I can to get more coupons. In fact I have 3 email address just so I can get more coupons. Today it pay off big time. I have signed up for the Children's Place emails and have a Children's Place Perks Card. So in the last couple of days I have received not only % off coupons but $ off coupons as well. So JN needed a new heavy coat for the 3 days we have winter here in Texas and I thought I would head to the Children's Place to see what I could find. Well here is what I got, it is just one item but what a deal.

It is a navy blue quilted Pea Coat and here is how the break down went
Originally $30
Sale price $14.99
20% coupon $3.00
$ off coupon $10

Total price of the coat $2.15
That's right a $30 coat for $2.15 WOO HOO!!! I even thing I got one big enough to last maybe 2 seasons!!!!

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