Sep 11, 2010

A "Weighty" Issue

Okay this post is going to be about weight gain and loss so fair warning.

I have had issues with weight since about the time I was 12 years old. I have never really liked exercise, portion control or fruits and vegetables. I do love, meat, potatoes, pasta, sweets, chocolate and sitting on my rear watching TV, movies or reading.

This combination has lead to years of being overweight, a stretch of high blood pressure and meds and just an overall feeling of yuckiness.

I have gotten motivated a couple of times and done WW and exercise and have gained and lost the same 30-40 lbs a couple of times. But when my son turned 3 and I could not keep up with him for very long I decided it was time to change for good.

I don't have the time or the $$$ to do WW or go to a gym so I started to seek out other cheaper alternatives. My first stop was the APP store for my iPod Touch. I found this great program called LOSE IT! You tell it your age, height, current weight, goal weight and how much you want to loose a week. It then calculates how many calories you can have a day to achieve this goal. Best of all it was FREE!!

So Memorial Day weekend I started. I had lost 16lbs as of the 3rd week of August and then stalled out. So I resided myself that I was going to have to start exercising to get off the last 6lbs I want to loose.

Again I searched out cheap alternative and I found it right there in my NETFLIX account. They have these great streaming videos called 10 MINUTE SOLUTIONS. They have variety of these for instant streaming, Pilate, Yoga, Dancing, Toning, etc. They are broken down into five 10 min sessions so I can do as many minutes as I think I can stand and mix and match to my needs for the day.

So far I have lost 1lb in a week, not great but a start and I am feeling much more energized. I am hopeful this pattern will continue and I can set a better example for my son of eating right and getting lots of exercise!!

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  1. I am so proud of you girl. That is awesome 17 lbs! We have gotten into the habit of doing night walks with S. she loves it and it gives us ( J and Myself) a chance to talk and walk off dinner. She sees exersise as something that is just a part of routine.


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