Sep 2, 2010

The GLEE Vortex

So as previously posted I am a media nut and now that I have an iPod touch and now that Netflix and Hulu+ are available I have been even worse. I think I need a 12 step program to wean me from my addiction, but the rate of recidivism would be high, think Lindsy Lohan and drugs. So with all of this new technology at my fingertips literally I have been sucked it to the GLEE vortex. If you don't know what GLEE is then stop reading right now there is no need for other to be sucked in. But if you have heard of the FOX show GLEE then you know the music is awesome. I sometimes fast forward through all the high school drama just to get to the songs and high school for me is a memory best left shoved way back in the memory vault not to be disturbed. So I have now finished the entire first season of GLEE and I am sure I will pick up when the new season begins. But hopefully until then I can pick up my blogging and other more worth wild endeavors.

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