Aug 12, 2010

Public, Private or Homeschooling

My son recently turned 3 and will start Museum School in the fall. This is a milestone moment for us, since he has been with me up until now. It has started me down the path of finding the right place for his formal education when he begins Kindergarten. Yes, I know it is two years away but I have already found the task to be both rewarding and daunting. I have posed this question to my FB "friends" and am now taking that information and expanding the thought.

Our first option is public schools, specifically the Weatherford Independent School District. And sorry to all of my public school teacher fiends and acquaintance this is our last choice. After working in the system for 14 years I just don't see public school as a learning environment. When just about all public schools you pass these days have some sort of law enforcement vehicle in front of them I just am not comfortable with having my child an environment where that is necessary. And I won't even begin to have the discussion about standardized testing.

Next is private school. Here you have many options, religious, liberal or some where in between. So far I have been impressed with the choices in this realm. I have looked at Holy Family Catholic School based on a recommendation from a co-worker and was please to find not only a pleasant webpage but an administrator that I have worked with in the past. Also in the mix is Covenant Classical School that was brought to my attention by my friend Christine, this also has some appeal. My Friend Elisa's husband will be working at Southwest Christian School this coming fall and it too has many appealing things. Of course there is always the more know private schools like All Saints, Country Day or Trinity. I just don't feel those meet our current needs.

I found out that there is such a thing as private/home-school hybrid. There are not many but our area has 2, Grace PrepChristian Life Preparatory School - South Campus (Main) and Christian Life Preparatory School - North Campus. These schools offer a unique blend educating a child. I would not have know about these options expect for my friends Christine and Jodie. I am not sure if these will fit the bill but they are certainly worth a look.

And finally there is homeschooling. As a former teacher this has some appeal to me yet it scares me at the same time. My child if you haven't read from a previous post will be an only and full time homeschooling I do not think would not be the best options. Yes I know there are lots of things out there for home schooled children to do for social interactions but being at home with mom all the time might be the best choice.

So it looks like I have my work cut out for me over the next 18 months to research and visit all the schools on my list and try to find the best option out there for us. As previously said I have asked this question to my FB friends but would like any and all comments you might have on the subject. I don't believe you can ever have too much information when making a choice like this one.


  1. It is a daunting task. I mean, we are suppose to set them up for life right. Although when talking with my gyno about this endeavor, she stated that she was a public school graduate? IDK Public schools, at least in FW, have magnet programs which is a nice alternative if you lack funds of paying $15 grand a year (ie. all saints?). Alice Carlson Applied for example excels expectations of giving real life applications and destresses "testing" mode (destress is that a word?). So you can always look at that. I've also heard that Temple Christian right there on the access road in Aledo is also another good option. 2 of my friends really really enjoy it. It is affortable, small numbers and a nice environment. Bingo with is alot of expectation both on the parent and child. I mean, I stink at math and will Si stink too since I am simply "ignorant" when it comes to numbers. Pioneer woman has it made and I have to admire her. I just don't think I could do it...where would Starbucks fit in? Economic class? You have some time, you'll find the right fit. I don't think JN will suffer anywhere he goes since you and hubby give supplement of real life.

  2. As some one else comment to me homeschooling is a calling, and I haven't heard the phone ringing. I have heard many people say they are the product of ISD's but those people graduated 20 years ago. Things are a lot different now. Though the school in Aledo appears nice they have some required hoops to jump through I am not comfortable with but that might change. I am hoping this choice will be like some of the other big decisions in my life and it will just feel right as soon as I walk in the school.


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