Aug 16, 2010

Meal Planning

Okay, spontaneity is not one of my strong suits, never has been, and I doubt it ever will be. When it comes to evening meals I have always planned some what. When both hubby and I worked I had a sketch of a plan but if the day was long or I was tired there was always take out. Well, now that we have a child and I no longer work, take out is not on the menu most of the times due to $ and nutrition. Also add to the mix that my in-laws come over 5-6 nights a week and meal planning has become a must. I sit down sometime on Saturday and plan what we are going to have for the following week so I can make sure I get everything at the store I need so I am not running back and forth all week long. So our weeks have become pretty routine, some sort of roast on Monday, beans on Tuesday, chicken on Wednesday, pork chops on Thursday and pizza on Friday. I mix in potatoes, rice or pasta salad for a side and a vegetable. We almost always have to have gravy and rolls. So the weekends are leftovers.Thanks goodness for the Tarleton State University Retail Meat Lab and the farmers market, they are our saving grace for semi local food.

So do you plan your meals, or are you a fly by the seat of your pants meal preparer?


  1. We do a two week schedule with a little flexibility for the nights I can't even imagine having the energy to cook!!!!!

  2. you know me, fly by the seat. although, we always plan homemade pizza on friday (btw, found a great place that sells dough organic and wheat for $2). Monday's are inlaws, Thurs are my parents which helps kill 2 meal plan. The other days i usually do a mexican dish (enchiladas, taco salad, fajaitas) and then we will havea veggie chicken or beef night. i do run to the store 2 a week because we eats gobs of fruit and veggies for snacks.


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