Aug 11, 2010

Is that Bevo?

Today my mom and I had the opportunity to take JN and his cousin visit my Aunt Vicki in Granbury. This trip is always a treat because of the many things we get to do. Today we fed the Longhorns! Yes, real longhorns. They have about 6 or 7 and 2 or 3 of them will eat out of your hands. It is a real treat for the kids and the adults too. Today they were very hungry because they had not gotten their "treats" in several days.
Oh Boy, Their Here!!
I'm coming, I'm coming
Hi, my name's Andy
Yummy, Yummy
I'm Ella Grace and will eat out of your hand.
Ew, yuck, slobber
Nay, I'll pass
A big ole bucket for lots of treats
Mom, Xavier and John

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  1. Thanks for posting some pictures! I love them. Is this forshawdowing JN's future as a longhorn?


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