Aug 19, 2010

The Great TV Debate

Being an admitted TV/Movie junkie myself I have found it difficult not to pass on those habits to my son. I followed the guidelines and he did not watch any TV till he was 2, well 20 months. No Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers or anything else deemed "educational". As an educator I knew this was important to his speech/language development as well as many other things. As he has gotten older though I have fallen into the trap of using a quick video as a diversion when I need to do laundry, clean the bathroom or just as a breather. I started out well only using Signing Time DVDs as the fillers, maybe because I thought they were more educational and not fluff. That lead to Veggie Tales, Bob the Builder, Sid the Science Kid and some other carefully chosen shows. Luckily we only watch TV over the air so I don't have the battle the awful shows like SpongeBob or Yo Gabba Gabba. But now with the school starting back I am going to redouble my efforts to limit TV time and do more playing and educational things.

One of the things I have found to be a good replacement for those times I need to put on my make up or work in the kitchen or other things that he can't "help" with is educational games on my iPod Touch. I have found many free or very inexpensive apps that work on letters, phonics, numbers and logic. This along with his Brain Quest cards, thanks nanny, have become a good alternative. Don't get me wrong we will still have the occasional TV time but it will be limited, like when I am posting on my blog. ;-)
Working on letters while mom finishes getting ready.

Working on shapes while mom is fixing breakfast.
Do you limit the TV time your child has?
What do you find is a good alternative when you need 5 or 10 min to get things done?

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