Aug 21, 2010

Friends Are Special

As a full time stay at home mom my son hasn't attend a preschool or mother's day out program, nor are we actively involved in a church, so his main source of interaction with other children his age has been through a program call Incredible Infants/Terrific Toddlers put on by Texas Health, Little Gym, and The Rock. I posted the other day about a great friend we made through the II/TT program, Siam. Now I am going to share about the wonderful friend we made through Little Gym. His name is Will and he and his mom Jodie are two of the best people. The boys have a blast playing together and as they have gotten older they enjoy being around each other several times a week. This is another friendship for JN that I hope last a long time.
Playing at the park
Eating at their favorite place Rosa's
They love playing with constructions toys

Chillin' at Chili's after the Zoo

Oh boy Tinker Toys at the Museum

Takin' a breather after a hard morning playing at the museum

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