Aug 20, 2010

Friends and the Museum

We headed to the FW Museum of Science and History today to catch up on so long over due friend time with Ardis and Siam. We haven't seen them since the first part of June when we met up at the zoo. S and JN have been buds since, oh, about 4 months old when A and I joined Incredible Infants a mom's group put on by Harris Methodist Hospitals. It has been a great friendship and one I hope last a long, long time!
Of all the things to see, they chose to clean?
Building Together

A reading with JN

Looks at the blocks they built with

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  1. We had a blast as usual. Boys and Girls do have different chemistry than boys vs. boys, but Si and JN seem to work and I am so glad that it does. Sometimes the good times happen with the moms as well, as we always catch up on the latest.


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