Jul 11, 2010

Search Engines

I am trying out Google Chrome as a search engine. I have become tired of IE and its security issues and Firefox is nice but lacks some finish. I have tried Safari but never got used to it so here I am with Google Chrome. I can tell it will be my default browser for Netflix streaming, because it shows movies in wide screen even when not in full screen mode, nice. Anyone else have a preferred search engine, and why?


  1. i'm a safari girl, thanks to having a Mac. Not sure about Leopard as it has different features than safari. my dad raves about firefox since he hates ie. hope this helps?

  2. JAS, I am with your dad on the firefox over the IE, but after using Chrome for a day I am hooked, very sleek and user friendly so far. If I ever become a mac convert I am sure I will give safari a chance.


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