Jul 19, 2010

Photoshop Elements

So I was searching around on iTunes the other day and came across this great podcast for teaching basic lessons for Photoshop Elements. It is called Ailbony Photoshop Elements Tips. I have just a simple point and shoot camera and sometimes I would like to enhance or fix some of the pictures I have taken. I purchased PSE last year to do this but the program is so overwhelming. This podcast so far has been great. The lessons are 2-3 min long and focus on one thing. Below is my first attempt at editing a photo.

The changes are subtle, as I only changed our eye colors to make mine more green and his more blue. It was a fun way to play and I look forward to not only learning more from this podcast but also finding one on basic digital photography so maybe my point and shoot will serve me better.

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  1. You pics add more punch of color. Thanks for the info on that tutuorial. I too am a bit overwhelmed with all the features. Now...if i could just find out the tutuorial on how to correct all the wrinkles on my face....


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