Jul 31, 2010

Only Children

Due to a chain of events JN will be an only child. I struggle with this on occasion. Luckily I came across and article in Time Magazine, The Only Child: Debunking the Myths and a podcast via NPR, Radio Times, Rethinking 'Only' Children that has helped me come to some peace with this. Is your child an only? If so maybe these items can be helpful to you too.

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  1. i've been saving that time article for you, chickie (great minds think alike). It was nice to have a positive spin on onlies. Funny, I can read a booty full of articles on having more than one child and i feel the guilt pile up but after reading this one and the another one they had in a parenting magazine a few months back, i feel the tension release..I guess the real thing is that once you come to term with the decision, never second guess.


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