Jul 23, 2010

Mad Men

These days my son goes to bed at 8ish and due to long work hours starting very early in the morning so does my spouse. I, however, am not the least bit ready to hit the hay. Sometimes I read, sometimes I watch DVDs. Since it is summer there is not much in the way of new programing for those of us who get our TV programming through an antenna. So via Netflix, the Internet, or Blockbuster I can see what I am missing. Case in point this week while in Blockbuster I saw the box set for Mad Men. This show has garnered Emmy award after Emmy award and it is on AMC, which of course we don't get. So I thought I would give it a try. I'll be darned if I didn't get hooked after the first episode. It is a very dark drama, which I seem to like these days and it is very well written. So if you have a weekend or two to kill pick it up, but if your morals are easily offended you better pass.

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  1. The star telegram did a big write up on it. It sounds like a good one.


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