Jul 9, 2010


My husband is a science major, his dad has multiple degrees in science and his brother is a pharmacist so needless to say he encourages all the science things he can with our son. He taught him by the age of 3 the chemical make up of water, H2O or 2 hydrogen's to 1 oxygen, the chemical make up of salt, sodium chloride and the major chemical elements of the body, CHON, standing for carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. My son can recite these things in his sleep, plus several others. So the other day when it was raining and then stopped R thought he would teach JN a new term, dissipated. So they talked about what it meant and repeated how to say the word correctly and then used it in context many times. Then as all 3 year olds do, got bored and went on to play with his construction toys. So with great delight to R yesterday after it had stopped raining JN turned to daddy and said, "Daddy, the rain has dissipated!" R was beaming!

It is a good thing that he was a science major because I was never into that, JN will learn all the social sciences from me and the hard sciences from his dad.

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