Jul 2, 2010

Both Feet

Okay, here we go with my first blog post. First I would like to thank Ardis for showing me the way a blog should be done, easy and just whatever you what it to be and Tuesday for being so open and honest with her blog while going to school and raising an almost 3 year old.

I am not a big writer. I guess I got that out of my system when completing the master and doctorate, then spending 10+ years writing reports for work. So most of my post will be short and just random thoughts I might have through the day. I will post pictures and links when I think they fit and if Ardis will show me how maybe even a play list at the bottom of songs that fit my mood or the post.

So off I go into  uncharted territory for me. If you stumble across this hope you find it entertaining for that is all it is meant to be.

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  1. Bravo! Yeah, you have joined blog land. i am no longer a loner on this spectrum.


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